Affect vs Effect Meaning, Definition with Examples

There is much similar kind of words in English; we get confused to choose the right word in the sentence. Sometimes we consider that the word has same meaning so, we can use any of these words. But in actual it is not. Every word has its unique meaning. Two words can co-relate to each other, but can’t have same meaning. There is long list of words on which we get confused to choose which words like accept/except, exited/excited, adopt/adept, appraise/apprise, affect/effect etc. So, in this article I would like to talk about affect vs. effect.

These words do not only sound similar but to some extent gives the similar meaning as well. Most of the people get confused that which word should be opted in the sentence. But both words have different meaning. Here, in this article we will discuss about these two words, so that you will not get confused on these words after reading this article.

Affect vs. Effect

Affect and Effect, the difference between these two words is one is the verb and another noun. Affect is verb and Effect is a noun. When you are performing some action then you need to use word Affect and when the action is done then Effect is used as a noun. So, you can need to remember this thing that Affect should be used when you are talking about some action and when you are discussing the result then Effect word is used.

Define Affect vs. Effect

Now, hope you get the idea where to use effect and affect. But I think you should also need to be aware about the definition of Affect and Effect also. So, that you get more clear concept of affect and effect. Firstly, let’s discuss the Affect. Affect basically means to have impact on something. And effect means the result of affect.

Effect vs. Affect Definition

Definition of the Effect and Affect, as I mentioned above both words have different meaning. Affect is defined as when you have impact on someone then you use the word Affect. And when you are discussing the result of that impact is defined as effect. Most the times people get confused and write down the wrong word in the sentence and this result to wrong description of the sentence. So, try to remember the exact definition of the word.

Affect vs. Effect meaning

To remember the meaning of the effect and affect try to understand to definition of both the words. When you want to influence someone or want some change then affect word is used. And when you get influenced by someone and there occur change in you because of that affect is considered as effect. The affect means influence, infect, and take the hold off.  In case of grieve or sadness, the affect can be meant as disturb, upset, overwhelm, sadden, distress etc.  And on the other hand, effect means result, outcome, consequence, execution, implementation, force or conclusion. All these meanings of affect and effect are based on the different scenarios and cases. The situation can be as verb or noun, sorrow or state of operating and change or conclusion of something. On the basis of all these different situations the meaning of these terms affect and effect varies. So, you need to keep in mind all these things. For the better understanding of all these terms or to keep all the meanings, I will share examples of all both the words.

Affect vs. Effect Rule

There are grammar rules for writing the effect and affect word. You can follow these rules while writing affect or effect. The first rule of grammar used is verb and noun. Like the particular action has affect and in case of noun effect can be result. This is the basic rule. But in some cases the affect can also be used as noun like in case of Facial expression. Or the word effect can be used as verb only when it is describing causing something to cause, or want to put something into operation. There are some keywords which you can’t use with affect and these keywords are used only with effect like the, any, on, take, or, into, and an. You can use these keywords only with effect not with affect.

Affect vs. Effect Simple Rule

If you just only want to understand the basic concept of affect vs. Effect then you can follow the basic simple rule of affect and effect. That is noun and verb. This basic rule is used in normal phrases.  In the next section I will share different kind of examples which will help you to understand and clarifying the rules and usage of affect and effect. You can easily implement these words on the right sentences if you are clear with the simple rule.

Affect vs. effect Examples

Here, I will share different kind of examples of affect vs. Effect.

  • Medicines have certain effects on patients.
  • Cold weather affects health of people.
  • Not having diet cokes invariably affects my mood.
  • The cooler weather has effected a change a positive change in the student’s affect.
  • The bright have beneficial effect on the patients.
  • The hurricane had a devastating effect on economy.
  • I think that our budget cuts effect the bottom line. You mean affect, don’t you?? J
  • Lack of sleep affects the quality of your work.
  • The effect of the lighting made the room looks ominous.

Hope these examples help you to understand the concepts of affect and effect and you will get to know where and how to use these words.

Affect vs. effect Sentences

You can use above written examples for sentence making purpose also when you give proper attention on these sentences you will understand the affect and effect words meaning very easily. And you will get to know that all the complications are in our minds we make sentences complicated by using wrong selection of words and when you read these sentences properly then you will understand these words are very simple to use. You only need to understand the meaning in a clear manner. Here, are some sentences you can have a look:

  • Your bad grammar affects your credibility.
  • I hope this post has good effect on your grammar.
  • That terrible accident had a profound effect on me.
  • I will try this word will not affect me.
  • Harry was seriously affected by his cousin’s death.
  • The speaker wanted to have effect a change in the system.
  • The bacteria affected the cells.
  • The effect of the bacteria on the cell was unusual.

Give proper attention towards each sentence and try to understand the usage of effect and affect in each sentence.

Effect vs. affect change

As I mentioned above in the grammar rules section that effect and affect can be used in reverse way also. The effect can be used as verb and the affect can be used as the noun for example in case of facial expression. Example:

  • The Company will effect a change in the worker’s behaviour.

In this sentence the effect is used as the verb, not as a noun.

  • Her affect was extraordinary joyful.

In this sentence the word affect is used as the verb.

Affect vs. effect Test

For better understanding of all the concepts of effect and affect you can take test option. If you are very much confident about the concepts of effect and affect and you thing you can easily find out the option to choose effect or affect in the particular section then you should try the test section. It will help to rate your skills for usage of these words. On the basis of these test results you can find out your capability and can improve yourself. Most of the confusion occurs when effect is used as verb and affect is used as verb so, when you practice the test for these words then this helps you to clarify the concept of verb and noun as well. These tests are available online also. And you can choose timer option also. This helps you to take quick decisions to select the right words. This improves your confidence level also.  There are many sites available on the internet on which you can give online test and can check your score after submission of test. These tests helps to improve your level of understanding on these words and you can give tests on other similar words which sound similar but have different meanings. These tests help you to improve your vocabulary and improve your confidence in English. Test helps to rate our capability and level. And after getting to know our ratings we can set our goals to improve our skills in much better way.

Affect vs. Effect quiz

There are online quiz contest also. Or you can participate in different quiz in which you have competitors and in that case you need to give accurate answers in faster way then the other competitors to win the quiz. So, quiz helps a lot to build confidence also. In the beginning there are chances that you will not able to beat other competitors but need to continue participation in the quizzes so that you can achieve great grasp on the grammar and you will able to sharpen your skills on the words like these effect and affect and many more similar words.

Affect vs. effect Trick

The basic trick to remember the concept of affect and effect so that you did not get confused where to use affect and effect is “RAVEN” the extension of this word is Remember Affect as verb Effect as Noun. Most of the times we forget the meaning of affect and effect, and we get confused that whether affect is used as verb or noun and vice – versa.   By remembering this simple word you will not get confused on the meaning of affect and effect and will be able to write down the correct word. Whenever the sentence demands to perform the result then you need to write down the word Effect. And when the sentence demands for some action then you need to write down the affect which is used as a verb. RAVEN helps a lot many people to remember these two words meaning and this is the basic trick you can use to clarify the difference between affect and effect. 

Affect vs. effect worksheet

There are numerous worksheets available on the internet for the better understanding of the similar words. You can easily get worksheet of these words. Like affect vs. effect also. This worksheet helps to make your great grasp on these words. If you practice dedicatedly on these worksheets you will no need to think a lot when someone asks for affect and effect. You will have clear understanding on these words and you will also able to teach someone on these words also. You can save these worksheets as well. As these worksheets are available in PDF or Doc folder also, so that if you do not have internet facility you can do your worksheet task without having internet also. These worksheets help to improve your confidence on these words and improve your vocabulary also. You can use worksheet for other similar words also there are large variety of worksheets available to improve your vocabulary and increasing your confidence that you know English very well.

This is all about the topic Affect vs. effect. Hope you all will now did not get confused on the usage of effect and affect as I have provided you a bunch of examples and sentences along with rules and tricks on the use of Affect and Effect. Try to solve numerous worksheets and then rate yourself by trying test on these words. Only practice can improve your skills and will help to you have clear understanding on these words.